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Villa Asada, Candidasa 4 bedroom luxury villa, Bali. Villa Asada, Candidasa 4 bedroom luxury villa, Bali.
At Villa Asada, well away from the bright lights of the hedonistic south, we welcome you to another side of Bali, a well-kept secret that will entrance and delight you. Here, we provide a luxury launch pad for exploring the natural and cultural wonders of east Bali’s villages, valleys and beaches, a tropical land less touched by tourism and the modern world.

Architecturally designed and lovingly decorated, Villa Asada is a contemporary expression of Bali-style, filled with antiques, deep comfortable furnishings and all the modern facilities necessary to create a sumptuous and stylish retreat of the highest possible standard.

From its hilltop perch on the island’s remote eastern coast, the villa overlooks the calm blue waters and swaying coconut palms of Labuan Amuk Bay, where traditional fishing boats sail the trade winds by day and star-filled skies twinkle above the inky void at night.

Open, breezy and bright with sea views that will make you swoon, we provide you with nothing but the very best in service and cuisine to ensure that you will want for nothing. Whether you fancy lazing beside the pool, working out in the gym, indulging in a massage, sipping cocktails at the bar, alfresco dining under the frangipanis, or donning tuxedos, tiaras and little back dresses for a more formal soiree in the dining hall – the choice is yours, just as it should be.

Incidentally, if you are wondering about our logo, it was inspired by our son Reilly’s nickname – Tiger!
Villa Asada

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